Your Brain On Drugs is a pop punk trio from Long Island, NY consisting of Will Suraci, Ramiro Lopez and Costas Themistocleous.

The trio released their debut single titled “Laundry Day” and have dropped an official lyric video alongside of it.

This upbeat, melodic single touches on the internal battle and external motions of moving past a breakup.

“Whether we want to admit to ourselves or not, there is a basic formula for the after affects of a breakup. Doesn’t matter if it is a relationship, friendship, project or anything else where 2 or more souls intertwine.” states Costas Themistocleous.

“No matter how strong of a person you are or out of touch with your emotions you are, there will be a process.” Themistocleous adds.

Indeed, the trio touch up on this subject quite well with “Laundry Day”. This song takes you on a roller coaster of internal emotions while painting a picture of one just getting through a day. The song concludes with a triumphant outro in which the trio make clear that they will get through this, while taking a not so subtle jab at whoever may have hurt them, or you in this case.

“I picked up a guitar in March 2020 when the COVID lockdowns began and both Costas and Will helped me understand how songwriting comes to fruition. I wanted a new avenue of therapy while also doing something productive” states Ramiro Lopez.

Will and Costas are no strangers to playing music together. Having spent years and 2 album cycles together in longtime indie rock band PRSNA.

“it’s been awesome playing with Costas again. Some things just feel like home and it’s been so much fun writing and playing music with a homie again” adds Will Suraci.

“The feeling is definitely mutual. I’ve always been a fan of Wills voice and his easy going nature when it comes to music and songwriting. This has been fun and I am stoked on what we created.” says Costas Themistocleous.

Your Brain On Drugs have plans to drop more singles followed by an album in 2023 along with touring when schedules permit.

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