There seems to be this stigma that once you hit a certain age, you must let go of all the things that made you whole. We must be this. We must do that. We can do this. We can’t do that. But the beauty about life is we can be anything and everything. Staying true to who you are is really the key to a happy and wholesome life.

“Sequels really was a message I pre-dated to myself when I was pregnant, to remind myself that the worst thing I could do for my son, my husband, my business, my family, my friends, but most importantly myself is to give up doing the things I love just because “society” said its time.” explains Nikki on the meaning of Sequels.

“I can be a great mother, great spouse, great friend all while growing my business, tending to my responsibilities and do the things that make me happy. How could I be the best version of myself if a part of who I am is missing?” Nikki adds. You can be anything. You can be everything. Never limit yourself. Never give up on who you are.


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