1. Sequels Nikki Brady 3:06
  2. Last The Storm Nikki Brady 2:52
  3. Blue Christmas Nikki Brady 3:18
  4. Laundry Day Your Brain On Drugs 3:35
  5. Dignity Captive Habits 3:29
  6. Say Their Names Your Brain On Drugs 3:26
  7. Carry On Nikki Brady 3:41

About Last The Storm

Nikki Brady returns to the airwaves with the cleverly catchy & melodic single Last The Storm.  Nikki uses this dance pop anthem to remind you to see beauty in the dark, reiterating a sense of hope and strength to those who may feel lost, alone & broken.

“When it rains, it pours. You could sit in your sorrows or you can dance in the rain.”, poetically spoken by Nikki. “We all have moments in our life that make us question who we are, if we belong & it’s all about how we rise to the occasion. Finding glimmers of beauty in sheer hopeless moments. They will pass just like the worst of storms.” adds Nikki.

Indeed, Nikki rose to the occasion in Last the Storm. This candid video shows the beautiful Nikki Brady dancing her way through the rain while delivering a message of hope.

“I think Nikki does an incredible job relaying the message and portraying the vision I had for this song when I was writing it musically.” States producer Costas Themistocleous (ex PRSNA) “She has an incredible voice and range. It is the utmost pleasure working with her.” He adds.

As far as the future, Nikki will be releasing a handful of singles spanning numerous genres, followed by her debut album in 2023 all courtesy of Riffsville Records. The future is looking bright for Nikki Brady & I am eager to hear more.

Official Music Video

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Last The Storm

Release Date : November 18, 2022
Artist : Nikki Brady
Genres : Dance, Dance Pop, Pop
Catalog ref. : QZRP42203845
Format : Digital Download

Nikki Brady returns to the airwaves with the cleverly catchy & melodic single Last The Storm.